Dr Mohamed Dirani travels to Lebanon to run the Beirut marathon in memory of his father in law, Dr Nabil El Rahi

Dr Mohamed Dirani travels to Lebanon to run the Beirut marathon in memory of his father in law, Dr Nabil El Rahi

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In memory of my Father-in-law Dr Ahmad Nabil El Rahi, Founder of the Raee Hospital, General Surgeon, former President of the Lebanon Football Federation & Philanthropist. (13.5.45 – 22.03.23) Breathe

You are now gone. The denial and anger have faded. Our hearts weakened with sadness, and our lungs gasping for air. Your home stands a little less tall, cries echo through its corridors, its most loved one has gone. Your keffiyeh, is calling out for you. If only the walls could talk

Your spirit is amongst us, and your voice still so near. That powerful voice you would selflessly lend to those less heard. Your legacy will never die. To honour your life, I will take to the streets of Beirut to run its marathon. No matter the struggle, I’ll cross the finish line, only because you are my why. Your legacy will rise

We often spoke heart-to-heart by your fishpond. In your modest & gentle voice, you would express to me how proud you are of your children, glowing as you recounted their individual achievements. You would then pause, look away and choke back your tears and ask “we did well, didn’t we? But all credit goes to my wife, Amani”. We would then mask our cries by looking over at the school of Koi. With no words exchanged, we both knew you were saying goodbye. I could see it in your eyes. As you would often say, fate will always have its way. Through you, I met my fate. I am a father now to a beautiful angel, and by the Grace of God, another on the way

I can tell you that Ibrahim, Malak, dearest Aya, Hiba & Karim would give their lives to see you one more time. Amani continues to stand with her head held high, with your children being her only why. Through them, your legacy will be kept alive. Dr Nabil tighten your grip and breathe through me, your grandchildren Ayabella & Nabil will be waiting for you at the marathon’s finish line

As we sat in your serene garden, you would eloquently read passages to me from Nizar Qabbani’s books. In his words, “Life doesn’t stop after losing someone, but it goes on without them differently.” For me, Lebanon is just not the same

May you breathe endlessly in the gardens of the heavens. Rest well, your keffiyeh will always be held close to our hearts.

Breathe Hakim, breathe

Your son-in-law, Mohamed Dirani